1. At the age of 5 on the top Billboard Charts with

the song "Take Life a Little Easier"  Records hasn't

been surpassed yet


2. Mattel Toys made a first African-American talking Baby Rodney Rippy Doll


3. At Age 5, Rodney Allen Rippy was the first one who said the phrase "You're Fired!"


4. Rodney Allen Rippy was a presenter at the first AMA awards together with Rick Segal, Donny Osmond, and Michael Jackson 


5. Was on the cover of Ebony Magazine


6. Guest-starred on Johny Carson Tonight Show



7. In a Peanuts newspaper comic strip dated July 3, 1974, Snoopy awakens from a dream in which

he “had been invited out to dinner by Rodney Allen



8. In 2002, Rodney Allen Rippy had received an award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for having one of the greatest TV ads in the last 50 years.

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